We cannot heal, fix, or change another person; we can only collaborate with them to the extent that they are ready and willing and able.
— Francesca Gentille, Relationship Diva

The challenges that stand in the way of your healing, greatness, and mastery are easier to overcome than you think.

I'm a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, Somatic Sensual/Sexual Healer, and Interchange Counseling Practitioner. I have been counseling, coaching and supporting men, women, and couples for over 15 years. What I bring to you is a unique flavor and view on relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. I also work closely and collaborate with psychotherapists and other licensed and certified practitioners in order to bring you the best support possible. 

In our collaborative healing work you will develop, integrate and embody your six intelligences: intellectual, emotional, physical/somatic, erotic, social, and spiritual, which will then give you the key to discovering your sensitivities, your path, your purpose, and launch you on your journey to happiness and fulfillment.

Here's some of what is possible for you:

For Men...

  • Training program in becoming a Somatic Sensual Healer
  • Learn the Language of Touch: speak and listen with your body
  • Discover your Core Erotic Theme: Find the stuff you are (erotically) made of
  • Express Your Erotic Animal: get in touch with the animal within you
  • Emotional/Somatic Intelligence: Explore and Share your deepest emotions safely
  • Dress as the Divine and Powerful Masculine that is YOU
  • Lover Skills: Give women amazing orgasms, pleasure, touch, and attention
  • Full Service and Self-Expression: Be in full service to women’s desires without sacrificing yours
  • Holding Her: Learn how to hold women fully as women, as erotic animals, and as powerful human beings (and why this is awesome)
  • Explore women’s desires without pressure or agenda
  • Parts Work: Discover your own particular inner aspects and parts, the inner constellation of voices that inhabit you, and support their integration so that you live your life gracefully and powerfully.

For Women...

  • Sexological Bodywork Sessions: Learn about and explore your body, desires, and boundaries at your own pace, without agenda
  • Somatica Sessions: Where together we explore - with empathy, love, support, nurturing, and compassion - the nature of your relationships with yourself and the people in your life, along with teaching you the skills of secure attachment.
  • Somatic Sensual Healing Sessions: Where together we co-create and collaborate towards your return to your inner-authority and power, via choice, appreciation, affection, guidance, empathy, skills, parts work, and the sharing of stories.
  • Experience a man who is in full service to your desires
  • Experience a man who is in touch with his Erotic Animal, with his Dominant Side, with his Submissive Side, and his Romantic Side
  • Explore your desires without external pressure or agenda (through Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sensual/Sexual Healing)
  • Discover your orgasmic potential without the need to perform
  • Explore letting your body and heart in conversation while simply sitting with a man, or while a man desires you, without actually having to do anything about it.
  • Be gently held as a strong, powerful, intelligent woman and human being, as an erotic animal, without being exoticized or eroticized
  • Parts Work: Discover your own particular inner aspects and parts, the inner constellation of voices that inhabit you, and support their integration so that you live your life gracefully and powerfully

For Couples...

  • Support in having a relationship that is perfectly tailored for the two of you
  • Support in opening up your relationship at a pace and within boundaries that care for both partners
  • Support in hearing each other when the going gets though
  • Deepen the intimacy in your relationship, engage deeply with the heart, play with roles, and discover each other's bodies more deeply (Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education)
  • Discover the difference between the partner you want and the partner who is good for you
  • Individual coaching/counseling for each partner in the relationship is also available
  • Resolve new or long standing challenges
  • Learn to support the healing of a partner who has a history of abuse or trauma